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Locksmith Hillfields Professional, courteous service is at hand; we are here to help, and special care is taken to ensure your door is not scratched or damaged once we leave. NO CALLOUT CHARGES!  See below our services…

CV Locksmith Hillfield Vans carry a range of locks and spares to enable us to carry out any job at any time of the day or night and we accept calls 24/7.  Our guys are experienced and carefully vetted in order to support the reputation the name CV Locks represents.

We will attend to any emergency, including broken locks and keys, lockouts, and post-burglary repairs.  NO callout charges!  NO hidden charges!

We prioritise lockouts and post burglary repairs 24/7!
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At CV Locksmith Hillfields, we believe that our locksmith services should prioritise the needs of our customers. We understand that many of our clients may require our services outside of regular business hours, which is why we have evolved our services to accommodate such situations. We are committed to providing transparent pricing to our customers and do not add any hidden fees or callout charges to their bills.

Hillfields is a district in Coventry. It was originally known as Harnall and was part of Holy Trinity Parish. The earliest record of Harnall dates back to the 12th century, when it was mentioned in the Coombe Abbey Charter as being owned by the Prior’s Half of Coventry. In the same century, a road was recorded as passing “through the middle of Harnall along the country of Stoke.” During the 13th century, Harnall was owned by Roger de Montalt and consisted mainly of cottages and crofts. Before this, the land in Harnall was owned by Coventry Priory.

At CV Locksmith Hillfield, we believe that our commitment to 24/7 availability, our extensive range of locks and spares, our experienced and carefully vetted team, and our transparent pricing policy all set us apart from other locksmith services.

Our availability around the clock means that we’re always here to help in emergencies, while our wide range of locks and spare parts enables us to provide a more comprehensive service to our customers. Our team of experienced and vetted locksmiths is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise, giving our customers peace of mind that they are dealing with professionals who can handle any lock-related issue.

Finally, our transparent pricing policy means that our customers can rely on us to provide a fair and honest service without any hidden fees or charges. We believe that these factors make us stand above the rest and help us to maintain our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy locksmith service.

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